Certification training @ OVAM for SIS Toolkit, Mechelen, 12.06.13

Another view northwards over Manhattan from a 57th street skyscraper. June 5 2013. 
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Epic view over Manhattan skyline from our client’s offices at 57th Str. June 5 2013
New York streetscape, NYC, June 5 2013.
Back from a short trip @ JPB Foundation to conclude our project on energy and resilience. JPB HQ @ 9W 57th Str, 38th Floor.

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A spring with particularly fickle weather. View from our window @DeHoorn, May 2013

Working with Adrian Vickery Hill (BUUR) and Peter De Ruijter (idesigntosustain) on an assignment, May 2013

Seminar with Michel Bauwens on the P2P Economy @ De Hoorn, April 26 2013. In partnership with Plan C.

Seminar with Michel Bauwens on P2P Economy. In partnership with Plan C. 26 April 2013.
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